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Our vivid vision

The year is 2024. We are a high-performance team of 300 people across four offices in Africa, the US, UK and Asia. Our group valuation is $100 million, but we remain 100% privately owned and self-funded.

Our client portfolio consists of the world’s largest technology brands by market cap. We have access to a global network of the world’s most influential decision makers in the technology sector and we are seen as trusted partners and advisors to them because we believe what they believe, that technology is changing the world for the better.

Our mission is to create a compelling economic future for our people, our customers and the markets that we serve. This is what defines us on a world stage.

Our brands

Our growing portfolio is made up of energised, edgy and authoritative challenger brands. We resist the status quo and do what others say is impossible. We stand up when others say we should sit down. We authentically challenge our own assumptions and the points of view of the world around us.

We do not listen to the opinions of sheep, when we are the lions.We adopt a growth mindset at all times and believe that the bigger the challenge, the greater the opportunity for us to achieve.

Our brands are regularly associated with being the Kings of their markets because we always punch above our weight.We cause a headache for our competitors because of our speed, efficiency and culture. Our resilience and intelligent intuition have combined to create a proven track record of pioneering accomplishments, and our visionary leadership ensures that our customers choose us because of what we represent – a value-creation machine that envisions and creates a compelling economic future for the world.

Our marketing

Our incredible, exponential growth story is evangelized on the world’s leading business and technology media outlets and our leadership team and their accomplishments are regularly profiled in prominent media.

We are firmly in control of our own commercial destiny and our platforms have become use-cases celebrating innovative, category-defining thinking.

Our marketing evangelizes our mission and our demand generation campaigns consistently drive pipeline and adoption of our proprietary technology and platform innovations like TechLeadBay™, Pipeline GeneratorTM, the Super Data Ninja™, SME Rocket Fuel™ and many others.

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Our commercial strategy

Our group propositions enable our “Trident of Poseidon” commercial strategy, which drives revenue growth across the group using a combination of demand generation, pipeline acceleration and proprietary platform technology.

Digital Kungfu™, our demand generation business, deploys 16 Lightning Strikes a week across four continents and generates over $10 million in sales-qualified pipeline every month for its technology customers.

TechLeadBay™, our ‘channel intelligence company,’ has over 30 000 active subscription licenses and transforms the growth engines of technology companies around the world, continually stealing market share from the likes of SalesForce and Hubspot.

SME Rocket Fuel™ has provided over $500 million in funding to small businesses around the world.

Super Data Ninja™, gives recruitment companies access to over 2.5 billion candidates from around the world

Our culture and recruitment

Our leadership philosophy is clear: We believe that every person on our collective team is as talented and as brilliant as the next, has the same capacity for transformational growth and pioneering accomplishments, and we remind each other of this fact on a daily basis.

Our senior leadership is chosen primarily for their ability to envision the future, while their teams are empowered to bring their visions into reality.

Our dream on program helps our employees to manifest their most desired personal experiences beyond the work that they do when they come into the office. Some companies give bonuses; we grant wishes through our Dream On program. 

Our ethos and operating framework are that if we haven’t failed today, we haven’t had a good day. We are a big picture, high risk company, which means we fail at least 40% of the time. But that’s okay because the payoffs are huge. It also means that our visionary leaders always set bold goals because they know that their teams will support them in both success and failure.

The result? Our employee net promoter score is consistently a 9/10. We have extraordinary, engaged individuals who are becoming better today than they were yesterday, each and every day.

We hire for culture fit first, then for skills. Most new hires come from within our network because we’re recognised as the best place to work and our driven team members want to work with people just like them, so they recommend the best of the best to us.

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Our platform technology

Our people make us who we are, but our technology, platforms and innovations are what we take to the world. 

Our arsenal of solutions spans across the areas of technology, strategy, data science, sales and marketing. 

We are known for the breadth and depth of our solutions. These are proven, reliable, trusted, and market leading. Our strong relationships with universities around the world give us regular access to new innovations in technology, proprietary ways of working and data science models, which we readily use to drive our commercial strategy in the areas of demand generation, pipeline generation and platform technology.

Our intelligent data engines and models for sales and marketing are driven by RPA and Artificial Intelligence. Our ‘channel intelligence’ platform, TechLeadBay™ has become the growth engine of our group of companies.

Commitment to community

The Dreamers Dojo is a highly regarded centre for technology and economic development that supports skills upliftment amongst university graduates and invests in new technology solutions that solve complex world problems.

Through a global university network, we give graduates the opportunity to take their ideas to market through profit sharing and equity deals.

To envision and create a compelling economic future for our people, our customers and the markets that we serve.

Founder Values

Our group of companies are built on ‘founder values’ that form the bedrock of our culture. Our founder-inspired culture reflects the strengths, beliefs, values and personality of the founder and are the embodiment of our vivid vision, representing why we exist. These founder values afford us the chance to create a culture that reflects the vision of the founder, and even if the founder is no longer at the company, they will and do live on.

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Our manifesto

We believe that technology has the power to create a compelling economic future for all humanity and we sit at the epicentre of the technology ecosystem.

To achieve this, we bring dreamers and misfits together. A collective who believes that there is always a better way to do things, and who knows that you can’t solve a problem with the same point of view that created it in the first place. We never stop executing because we know that failure isn’t about finding ten thousand ways that something doesn’t work – it’s about discovering and building the one way that does.

We choose long-term partnerships over short-term commercial gain. We shape our business to the needs of our customers and the markets that we serve, and treat every engagement, product and solution as something unique and special. We do not sell time. Instead, we commercialise shared value. We understand that markets move quickly, and that we need to move faster. We work in partnership with a global network of decision makers and a technology ecosystem to radically transform the economic futures of all our stakeholders – internal and external.

We are a team of high-performance people who are ruthless in upholding accountability to our standards. We help every single one of our collective to become the best versions of themselves, so that we become better tomorrow than we were yesterday. To achieve this, we practice daily principles, habits and routines for success.

We’re instantly recognisable in any room. We use a language of business that is unique to our company, our people and our culture, and is an expression of our collective identity. (“The ACV is required for the target MQLs, which is converted into SALs and SQLs to generate NNCs for CSPs and their BDMs. Provided of course that the ISVs have enough MDF, so it’s important to confirm the BANT from the OEMs and all of this needs to be done ASAP.”)

Given our goal is to change the world, work is not something that we do, it’s something we live. We won’t work with non-technology-related businesses, and we refuse to think small. We are ‘TBTFW’ – Too Big to F*ck With, because our ambition is the fuel of our character and the path to our success.

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